Next Guild Events

Saturday 28th September - Carmarthen (8)
All Wales Striking Contest

Saturday 19th October - Gorseinon (8)
2.30 - 4.30 : Practice

Saturday 5th October - Llanfeugan
10:00-12:00 : Guild 8-bell Practice

Wednesday 16th October - Brecon Cathedral
7:30-9:00 : Guild 10-bell Practice

Brecon Cathedral Evacuation Exercise

As those who have visited Brecon Cathedral ringing room know, access is difficult. So in order to be prepared for possible emergencies, exercises with the Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service have been carried out. The Brecon station team demonstrated that evacuation by ladder from the roof would be possible in the event of fire closing the stairway. An immobile person would pose a more difficult problem. To prepare for this eventuality the Level 3 Rope Rescue Team practised lowering a stretcher from the ringing room trapdoor. Click the image to see them in operation.
Has your tower though about and practised dealing with such emergencies?

2019 Striking Competition

The 2019 competition was held at St Mary's, Builth Wells, on Saturday 13th July and judged by Peter Hayward of St David's Cathedral. Seven bands took part and the results (faults) were:

  • 1st: Sketty (m) 7½
  • 2nd: Brecon (m) 10½
  • 3rd: Glasbury (c) 11½
  • 4th: New Radnor (m) 18½
  • 5th: Llanbedr Ystrad Yw (m) 20½
  • 6th: Builth Wells (m) 57
  • 7th: Builth Wells (c) 70½
(c - call changes, m - method ringing)

Peter Hayward (judge) presenting the shield to Nigel Davies (Sketty)

1st Sketty (Method Ringing)

2nd Brecon (Method Ringing)

3rd Glasbury (Call Changes)

4th New Radnor (Method Ringing)

5th Llanbedr Ystrad Yw (Method Ringing)

6th Builth Wells (Method Ringing)

7th Builth Wells (Call Changes)

Click here for more of Claire's excellent photos of the day.

Ringing for Notre Dame

Guild ringing performances in solidarity with the cathedral community of Notre Dame can be found here , as recorded on BellBoard.

Please let know if any have been missed or if you have photos.

Brecon Cathedral Band

The Ringing World front cover

Well done, Claire, in getting your photo on the cover of the St David's Day issue of The Ringing World.

Good publicity for Brecon.

Ringing Remembers Follow Up

Brecon Cathedral - 11th November 2018

Here , on the Swansea and Brecon Diocesan website, is a short video of interviews with some of the Ringing Remembers recruits. It's also on the diocesan and the CCCBR Facebook pages.

Also a piece in 'Cymuned' , the diocesan quaterley magazine (pages 12/13).

2018 All Wales Striking Competition

This year's competition was hosted by the S&BDG and held at Brecon Cathedral.
Barrie Dove and Janine Jones from Yorkshire were the adjudicators.

Ringers from the four Welsh societies enjoyed an excellent afternoon, catching up with old friends, tea and cakes in the south transept, a special supper, including a barrel of beer, and of course some ringing! About 50 ringers and friends attended evensong conducted by Archbishop John.

The results for the Arthur Hoare Trophy (8-bell) were:
1st: Llandaff & Monmouth DA
(18½ faults)
2nd: North Wales Assn (19)
3rd: Swansea & Brecon DG (26) (see right)
4th: St David's DG (71)

The results for the Jack Pryor Trophy (6-bell) were:
1st: Welshpool (9)
2nd: Rumney (11)
3rd: Brecon (15½) (see left)
4th: Haverfordwest (16)

Click here for a more of Claire's splendid photos.


Roger Thomas (3rd July 2019)

Roy Stickling (13th May 2019)

Margaret Anderson (8th April 2018)

Tom McCourt (4th June 2017)

David Jones (4th February 2017)
Llandefaelog Fach

Neville Powell (3rd February 2017)

Brian Werry (9th November 2016)

Michael Rose (11th July 2016)
Sketty, Honorary Vice-President

Sue Jablonski (6th February 2016)
Cefn Coed

Brecon Ringing Calendar

For people who wish to ring at any of the Brecon towers please click HERE to see what's going on.

Guild website

This is the revamped version of the guild website. All the usual stuff can be found using the menu tabs above. The biggest change is in the TOWERS page, with a map showing the widespread and geographically uneven distribution of the ringable guild towers (for those who didn't already know this!). It is intended to put tower contact details on the TOWERS page. Where these aren't at present shown, please email for the information. I should be glad if tower correspondents would let me know if any corrections or additions are required.

This home page will be devoted to announcements and news items. Contributions from tower correspondents and other guild members, including pictures, would be welcomed.

Quarter Peal Congratulations

First Grandsire: Andrew Williams 26/08/19
First Grandsire: Jean Hudman 04/08/19
First inside: Andrew Williams 26/07/19
First Quarter Peal: Sian Shakespear 21/07/19
First as Conductor: Nicky Startin 09/06/19
First Major inside: David Katz 14/04/19
First Major: Wendy Medd 14/04/19
First Minor: Grace Dooley 07/04/19
First Ipswich S Minor: Wendy Medd, David Katz, Sarah Dempsey 22/03/19
First Norwich S Minor: Wendy Medd 03/03/19
50th Quarter Peal: Jean Hudman 28/02/19
First Minor & first for more than 43 years: Andrew Williams 30/01/19
First Spliced: Alison Alcock 16/12/18
First Quarter Peal: Jane Anderson 10/12/18
First Grandsire: Rosie Gibson 09/12/18
First Quarter Peal: Gethyn Price 24/11/18
50th Quarter Peal: Pauline Staples 21/08/18
First Plain Bob Triples: Pauline Staples, David Katz 21/08/18
First Triples: Jean Hudman 21/08/18
First away from cover: Grace Dooley 21/08/18
First Quarter Peal: Nikki Alderslade 18/08/18
First Cambridge S Minor: Polly Beck 21/07/18
First Quarter Peal: Brian Collins 20/06/18
First St Clement's CB Minor: Pauline Stables 08/06/18
First Major: Polly Beck 13/05/18
First Quarter Peal: Laura Jones 22/04/18
First Quarter Peal: Grace Dooley 25/03/18
First St Simon's Doubles: Rosie Gibson 09/03/18
First Minor inside: Jean Hudman 28/01/18
First Minor: Marian Katz 14/01/18
Most methods to Q (7): Pauline Stables 06/01/18
First Quarter Peal: Marian Katz 08/12/17
First inside: Rosie Gibson 18/11/17
First Norwich S Minor: Sue Gomm 09/08/17
First Quarter Peal: James Bessant Davies 22/05/17
Most methods to Q (5): Pauline Stables 20/04/17
First away from cover: Claire Alexander 05/03/17
First Plain Minor: Rosie Gibson 27/01/17
First Treble Bob inside: Pauline Stables 20/11/16
First Treble Dodging: Rosie Gibson 20/11/16
First Norwich S Minor: Polly Beck, David Katz 14/10/16
First Quarter Peal: Alec Edwards 13/10/16
First on 8: Pauline Stables 01/10/16
First Grandsire Triples: David Katz 01/10/16
First Major: David Katz 25/09/16
Most methods to Q (4): Pauline Stables 11/09/16
First Grandsire Triples: Ellie Williams 16/08/16
First Cambridge S Minor: Ellie Williams 16/08/16
First London S Minor: Laura Childs 16/08/16
First on Tenor: Alan Charters 15/07/16
Most methods inside (5): Ellie Williams 01/06/16
First Surprise: David Katz 27/05/16
First Treble Bob: Ellie Williams 16/05/16
100th Quarter Peal: David Katz 24/04/16
Most methods inside (3): Pauline Stables 24/04/16
Most methods inside (3): Caitlin Power 28/02/16
Circled tower (Builth Wells): Tim Hollinghurst 24/01/16
First Plain Bob Minor: Ellie Williams 24/01/16
First Inside: Ellie Williams 04/01/16

Retiring Secretary Doug Davison

On his retirement as Guild Secretary for 28 years, Doug Davison was made an Honorary Vice-President and presented with a splended wooden bell made by Hal Drysdale, Tower Captain of Glasbury

David Katz (Master), Paul Johnson (Brecon), Doug, Hal Drysdale

Leslie Evans Trophy 2019

The Leslie Evans Trophy for progress in ringing during the year was awarded to Andrew Williams from Llandebr Ystrad Yw.

Andrew Williams and Training Officer Kath Johnson

Glasbury Flower Festival

St Cynidr & St Peter’s Church Glasbury held a flower festival over the weekend of 6th October. The theme was a "Harvest of Skills", including different displays around the church from various groups (such as photography, music, astronomy, baking, gardening, farming, etc). Glasbury bellringers featured in the exhibition, contributing this floral display by Hal & Becky Drysdale and Alison Alcock. Saturday afternoon turned out well; several visitors came up to the ringing room, including two families. At least four adults tried their hands at backstrokes and one - an engineer - got quite a long way towards combining the strokes on his first attempt. Several children chimed various bells. An excellent mini-open day.

Guild Peal Books

The guild peal books are in the process of being scanned and the results can be found in the 'Peals' section here. The relevent report from the Ringing World is displayed with each entry.

Michael Barritt Rose

4 September 1940 – 11th July 2016

Obituary by Richard Rose for Sketty Bell Ringers here.

Mr Charles Powell

Charles Powell was the first Guild Treasurer, occupying the post from 1923 to 1939. On his retirement he was presented with a clock 'in recognition of his faithful service as Treaurer'. His great grandson, Steve Hogg, provided the photos of the clock which has been restored and is now 'working like a dream'.